Saturday – November, 23 – 1 to 5pm

“Qi” for Traditional Chinese Medicine, is translated as Breath of life or Life Energy. In Chinese Tradition, they talk about a Supreme Energy, the Primordial Qi, from which all that exists is derived. The Qi, is the vital energy of the Universe, indispensable in all aspects of life, is the vital life force that animates and energizes our body and flows through the energetic channels.


  • Energy (Qi). Vision of Chinese Tradition – Ideogram of energy
  • The Yin and the Yang. Principle of all Movement
  • General correspondences of Yin and Yang
  • The five elements or five movements.
  • Different energies that move in the body. – The Energy Channels.
  • Route of the Energy Channels. – Acupoints (access points to the energetic channels).
  • Different ways to stimulate the energy channels and acupoints

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