Grief Healing Workshop

with, Massiel Ocampo, Hypnotherapist

How many of you want healing but don’t know where to begin?
Do you give yourself the opportunity to properly grieve?
We have all lost loved ones through death, divorce, abandonment, addiction and mental illness. We even lose parts of ourselves due to work and family obligations. The only way we can truly connect with ourselves is when we learn to digest emotions. I’ve been on my own healing journey for the past 9 years. I’m really proud of myself for exploring the darkest places of myself. Is it comfortable? No! But guess what?! I can deal with life so much better because of it.
I forgive myself every single day and Thank my teachers for giving me the tools to fight back. l learned how to cope with the tragedies in my life even celebrate them. I overcame drug addiction, alcoholism, abandonment, sexual assault, verbal and physical abuse. Those events helped me evolve into the person I am today. If I can do it, You can definitely overcome anything you’re fighting right now. I encourage you to reach out if you haven’t already. You can’t do it alone anymore. I was so fortunate to have Angels pull me out the darkness. I had the choice to reach my hand out willing to take a second chance. Ceremony is my way of pulling people out of their darkest place. No One deserves to stay in the pits of sorrow. Allow me to guide you towards the light of divine spirit.
You are deserving of Love~♡~Massiel

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