Bill Steiniger

 dr Bill SteinigerDr. Bill Steiniger

Healing Pain With the Power of the Mind

Specializing in the Sedona Release Technique

Do you suffer from physical or emotional pain?
Are medications failing to give you relief?
Do have trouble managing addictive cravings?

With an extensive background in advanced healing methods, techniques and therapeutic systems, Dr. Bill helps you release the underlying causes of pain, trauma and injury. He combines the most effective elements from several systems into a unique healing process and works with you to profoundly reduce or eliminate pain in the body and mind that may otherwise seem impossible to heal.

Dr. Bill’s expertise includes highly acclaimed methods such as Neuro-linguistic Programming, the Emotional Freedom Technique, the Tapas Acupressure Technique, Reiki, Body Electronics and the Sedona Release Technique.

“Our natural state is peace and happiness for no reason. But when injury or trauma happens to us, no matter what the external source of the issue, we mentally react to it. That causes a disturbance in the mind, which causes the trauma to be held – seemingly without hope of letting go – in the cells of the body. My methods help people release that so they can finally experience relief.” – Dr. Bill Steiniger

Over time, persistent pain can become debilitating. Get help now!

To make an appointment with Dr. Bill, call the Shop at 770.704.9950

Dr. William Steiniger, PhD will be avail for appts. on Fridays of every week between 10am-3pm, 770-704-9950


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