Jim Helbert

JimJim Helbert

Master-Instructor of Basic Medical Intuitive Healing

Jim offers Medical Intuitive Healing Modality:
The healing sessions start the client on their self-healing process. The self-healing sessions can be work needed on the physical or energetic planes or both.
We begin to change any detrimental energy to beneficial energy, remove energy blockages which can be anything from:

*physical ailments
*self-limitations in your life’s purpose;
*changing old thought patterns;
* cutting negative energy cords to and from others;
* balancing the body to allow the person’s body to begin its healing process.

I teach people simple steps to follow and continue their healing after they leave the session. The healing sessions are a combination of medical intuition, dowsing, hands-on-healing, Integrated Energy Therapy and Toltec Shamanism.

The sessions involve any one healing modality or a combination. It’s what the person needs at that moment…

Jim Helbert is a practitioner and certified Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET), an ordained minister with the late Dr.Willard Fuller’s “Full Gospel Ministry”, an energy psychic and medical intuitive, a practitioner of Hanna Kroeger’s healing techniques, a dowser and member of the First Georgia Dowsers, and a Tera-Mai® Reiki
Seichem Master. Jim is an adept in Toltec Shamanism and apprenticed with Shaman Amari Magdalena, Director of the Institute of Shamanic Synthesis, in New Mexico, who is the author of numerous shamanic articles, radio talk show host, and a student of don Miguel Ruiz, a Toltec Shaman and author of “The 4 Agreements”. Jim was an instructor at Hanna Kroeger’s Peaceful Meadows Retreat in Boulder, CO for many years. Jim is VP of Talisman Media Group, a Delaware film production company, a Board Member of American Anthropological Research Foundation (AARF) and VP of HeartLink Natural Healing Services.

Cost: $120 for the Session (Sessions 60-90 minutes) Just call to set your appt. with Jim, 770-704-9950

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