Kady Morgan

Kady Morgan has returned to the North Georgia area after pilgrimage through
Scotland, England, and Wales. She is excited to share this powerful magic with you!

Kady is a priestess, healer, ceremonialist, and an earth-alchemist working to align both the energetic grids of the human body and of Mama Earth.
Through many years of eclectic shamanic training across a number of lineages
in this lifetime and many others, she works with many techniques to bring harmony and balance to those who seek it.

She specializes in energetic work used in conjunction with crystal gridding around the body, as well as her ability to ‘read’ the stories of the body to trace emotional, physical, or spiritual imbalance. She firmly believes that our life stories inform our health for better or worse and it has become one her missions to assist Humanity in reclaiming personal empowerment by releasing the stories that no longer serve us.

Kady believes we are a ‘living altar’ and that every moment has the potential to become ceremony, creating the ability to live life in reverence which creates harmony. Our wellness depends upon if we are aligned to conscious Ayni, or reciprocity, with the land, our families and friends, and most importantly self.
Creating a platform for those who seek her services to be in ceremonial space while receiving guidance, healing, or a lesson is a gift Kady is humbled to offer.

To honor the ever-changing seasons of the wheel of the year, Kady is now temporarily offering her services at a special rate of $80/hr. This is 20% off of her regular services until the Celtic New Year (Samhain/Halloween). This special is to honor the recent upgrades and initiations that she has received in the UK in order to best serve as
many members of the community that feel called to work with her.

Just call the Shop to set your appt. with Kady: 770-704-9950

Kady offers appointments at the Herb Shop EVERY:

Friday 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday 3 pm – 7 pm

Call the shop at 770-704-9950

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