Kady Morgan

Everyone has a story.

We tell our stories in every moment, often unconsciously re-creating and re-wounding old trauma. Our trauma can manifest as physical pain, emotional distress, or an abundance of other symptoms.

The behaviors and habits that we learned in childhood inform us for many years to come. When we get lost in our ‘story’, we often feel trapped, fearful, and victimized by our personal mythos. If we can understand the archetypes unconsciously looping in our lives we can walk with greater clarity and purpose!

It is my greatest hope that in working together I can teach you ways to catalyze your own healing process.

As a Pampamesayoq or ‘Earth-Keeper’ initiated into the Peruvian shamanic wisdom of the Q’ero tribe, Kady intuitively blends this ancient, shamanic lineage with the magic of her Celtic ancestral heritage. Using remembered techniques from multiple lifetimes and many cultures she is honored to re-align all who call upon her services with unconditional love and complete non-judgement.

Kady works with many techniques including energy healing, crystals, Elemental healing, chakra re-alignment, imprint removal, soul retrieval, sound healing techniques, and channeled guidance.

Her gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience provide her the ability to ‘walk between the worlds’ accessing insight into the root of a physical, energetic or emotional imbalance. Blending
intuitive guidance on behalf of the ascended realm with the archetypes that mythology provides allows for a unique opportunity to unveil the unconscious ‘stories’, patterns, and trauma that are keeping you stuck and to remove them from your life and body once and for all!

It is our birth-rite to THRIVE.

You deserve the life and story that you dream about!


Kady offers appointments at the Herb Shop EVERY:

Friday 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday 3 pm – 7 pm
Monday 10 am – 4pm

30 Minute Sessions are offered for $50
45 Minute Sessions are offered for $75
60 Minute Sessions are offered by sliding scale* from $80 – $100

Call the Shop to set your appt with Kady 770-704-9950

*Please let the shop know in advance what you are able to pay to honor your budget.

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