Kady Morgan


Peruvian Shaman Healing

Kady is a 3rdGeneration Energetic Healer, Intuitive Artist and a Channel. She is a ‘Mesayoq’, or Medicine Woman, initiated to carry and work with a traveling altar called a ‘Mesa’ used in Shamanic, or light, healing. This traditional wisdom was passed down by the Q’ero Indians of Peru who are said to be the ‘Last Incas’. She continues to study this Shamanic lineage under the initiations of Rev. Esther Jenkins.

I offer a unique healing modality, intuitively created, using a combination of sound (with a tibetan singing bowl and a rattle), color, and Angelic Light Energy to re-align your physical and spiritual bodies. There’s no need to continue to hold onto the heavy energy that settles into our energy and, eventually, physical bodies! This is a beautiful opportunity to clean your chakra system so that you are moving forward in the direction of your truth!

Kady works with this ancient Incan lineage of healing to harmonize the body with the natural world around us. Pachamama: Mother Earth. Many ancient traditions, globally, work with nature to prevent dis-ease in the physical body and aid in the healing of physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.


Kady offers APPOINTMENTS at the Herb Shop weekly:

every Monday 10am – 4pm

every Friday  10am – 6pm

every Saturday 3pm – 7pm


$50 for 30 minutes
$100 for 60 minutes
$150 for 90 minutes

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