Reya Sol

Reya Sol is a heart-centered facilitator who strives to inspire, motivate, and positively transform lives. Reya is the founder of Heart of Sol Healing which offers services and education in the Healing Arts and Regenerative Living. Reya is a Certified Reiki ll Practitioner that specializes in Conscious Communication, Mindful Meditation and Expressive Art therapies. She is a Permaculture activist that is committed to help create a resilient future for the generations to come.

In every session, Reya uses her bird’s eye view to inspire new perspectives and remind people of the natural resources that all human beings have. As a facilitator for transformation, she provides an opportunity for people to heal their wounds, strengthen their connections, and deeply nourish the relationship with themselves and Mother Earth. Reya believes, no matter how heavy our heart may feel, our birth right is to walk in beauty and celebrate the gifts of life together.

Her services offered at the Shop:

The Art of Deep Relaxation

Energetic Body Work, Sound Healing & Meditation Guidance
$75 for 60 minutes or $100 for 90 minutes| all ages
Reya facilitates a soul healing journey using the practices of Reiki, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Yoga Nidra and Neuromuscular Therapy techniques. She uses the singing bowl, hand drum, rattle and guides you through a full body scan to help you gain control over your autonomic nervous system, relieve stress, master your sleep and experience deep healing and relaxation. She seeks to bring the mind, body and soul back to inner stillness and into the present moment.

The Art of Self Knowing

Soul Purpose, Card Readings, Holistic Wellness & Regenerative Living
$75 for 60 minutes or $100 for 90 minutes | all ages
Reya uses a holistic approach to help you strengthen your intuition and achieve overall balance in your life. She offers education in holistic wellness, regenerative living, herbal medicine and plant-based eating. As a lighthouse for those seeking a new direction, she guides you through questions to better understand your gifts and weaknesses on a soul level. She unites logical and spiritual concepts to create a practical plan for you to begin walking in alignment with your life’s purpose.

The Art of Mindfulness

Meditation Guidance, Yoga Nidra & Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
$75 for 60 minutes or $100 for 90 minutes | all ages
Mindfulness is the practice of witnessing the present moment with an open curiosity. It helps us to let go of emotional angst about things we can’t control. Reya guides you through meditation practices that help you connect to your senses and experience life more fully. The goal is to avoid judgement and reclaim the way you manage stressful situations so you can move through life with ease.

The Art of Self Expression

Expressive Art Practices
$75 for 60 minutes or $100 for 90 minutes | all ages
Reya is an artist who facilitates different expressive art practices for people to express their thoughts and emotions. Self-expression involves any activity that transfers the energy from thoughts and feelings into a creative outlet. Sometimes it can be hard to talk about our difficulties, so using creative outlets allows people to express emotions where words may falter. The beneficial effects come from the creative process rather than the final product and aren’t dependent on a person’s art skills or talents.

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