Hypnotherapy / Reiki

Massiel has studied Hypnosis for the past year with Martin Baratz. She states hypnosis found her after a tragic event in her life 9 years ago.
“Hypnosis changed my life because it taught me how to cope” states Massiel.
The mind is really powerful and a great tool. We have the choice to stay in pain or use pain as a tool for the power to heal.

She also learned about Reiki healing the same year! Massiel recently became a Reiki level 2 healer through Jeff Jacobs in Marietta, Georgia. She strives to facilitate healing for those who want the help. She works at festivals, Innovative Health and Wellness and the Herb Shop * Healing Center. Massiel enjoys spending time camping with her 10 year old son, attending music festivals, performing fire hooping and practicing yoga. Her intentions are to help others on a spiritual level along with assisting them live a healthier life.

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