Spiritual Connections and Development

with Ella Star

These classes are designed for those who are aware of their gifts/abilities and want to learn more about them. As we cover the different focuses of Spiritual Development, each week we will go over different techniques and exercises to assist in deepening your connection. Please feel free to bring a notebook to take notes.

  • Spiritual tools
    Sat. 9/5/2020 1-5pm: We will cover how to connect with tools like; pendulums, stones, wands, cards, etc. please feel free to bring any you wish to explore and connect with.
  • Mediumship
    Sat 9/12/2020 1-5pm: We will open the door to that realm. Ella will guide you and hold space for you to learn how to trust what you are getting through different exercises. Please feel free to bring an item or picture of at least 2 loved ones.
  • Energy Healing
    Sat. 9/19/2020 1-5pm: You do not have to be a Reiki Master to take this class. It is set up for those who are aware of energy on some level and have explored it and would like to expand their knowledge.
  • Channeling
    Sat 9/26/2020 1-5pm: We will be go over different ways and exercises that will assist you in being able to trust your connection with Divine Light Source. This class is for those who are aware of their connection, just needing guidance to be able to hear, see, know, connect more clearly.

These classes are designed to help strengthen your own connection, through trusting yourself. Looking forward to being a part of your growth.

This will be a series of 4 classes, you can take all 4 or pick your preferences

  1. All 4 $150 prepaid ($50 deposit required, balance due first class)
  2. $50 per class

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