Yoga Class Schedule

Monday morning, 9:30 am is Hatha Yoga, w/Christina G

Every Monday evening 6:15 pm is Hatha Yoga w/Jeff P.

Every Tues. morning, 9:30 am, w/Christina Garrand

Every Wed. morning Hatha Yoga, 9:30 am, w/Diane Toler

Every Wed. evening Kundalini Yoga, 6:15 pm w/Kari

Every Thurs. morning Tai Chi 9 am (Form Practice), w/Jeff J.

Every Thurs. Hatha Yoga 6:15 pm, w/Jeff P.

Every Fri. morning, Qi Gong/Tai Chi, w/ Jeff Jacobs. 9 am

Every Sat. Hatha Yoga 9:30 am w/Mayuri Mukka

Every 2nd Sat. of each month is Hatha w/Jeff Pergl @ 9:30 am

You are never too old, too tired, or too out of shape to begin yoga

$17 to drop-in

$55 for a 5 Class Card ($11/class)

$100 for a 10 Class Card ($10/class)

$135 for a 15 Class Card ($9/class)

$200 for a 25 Class Card ($8/class)

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