Zyto Scanner

Madelyn Spieleman, Instructoris a self taught DIYer, as well as an experienced artist in multiple formats. Part of her obsession comes from knowing too much about things we put on our body that are not so good for us. She chooses to create products like soap, foaming soap, lotion bars, dryer balls, salves, roller balls…with ingredients that she knows are good for us. Madelyn also LOVES her essential oils and creates her array of products keeping those in mind as a base for her DIY solutions. She is also certified in Foot Reflexology which gives her a wonderful venue to share her love of Essential oils for the benefit of her clients.

Lois Zellman, Instructorhas worked in energetic modalities for over 30 years. Her love of Essential Oils and the connection they hold to the earth is directing her towards Certification as an aromatherapist. The knowledge that plants are natural medicine, can smell so luscious and support our well being makes playing in this field an amazing experience.

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