Jeff Jacobs

Reiki Master and Guide

Humanity is progressing into its next stage of development. What once worked no longer does. Surrender and excitement seem to be all we have to work with right now. As the Divine Aspects of Ourselves work out the details from the higher realms, we are being guided to let go, let go, let go, and to follow our excitement as we move into the unknown. “What do you need to know?”

My guides say. “All you have to do is let go and let us do the heavy lifting. Let us arrange and rearrange your life, your body and your perspective. You cannot know what is around the corners and you don’t need to. Do what you can. Love yourself and your family and friends. Love everyone and see where life takes you. Follow your excitement and see where we guide you. We are you and we want you to be happy and wealthy and even more. Let us in. Let us help. Let us walk with you during these times and see what happens.”

Reiki allows us to enter that place of surrender. It allows us to let go and let Spirit in, into our bodies, into our consciousness, into our lives. It allows us to consciously and unconsciously connect with our Higher Selves, with our Guides and our Teachers, with the Divine. It helps us clear away the dross and the old patterns and ways of doing things and brings us fresh perspectives with which to see and live life. And yes, it also heals. It brings our bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, into alignment and balance, and allows us to walk in a new body and in a new way. The energies on this beautiful planet are changing. Our bodies are changing. Spirit wants to help. Reiki is one of the many ways we are now offering to help us move into these new ways and times. It is gentle. It is easy. And it is available for all who want it. Blessings, Jeff.

Offering Reiki Sessions: $70/session

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