Melody Richardson

Melody Richardson is a certified music educator and sound healer who believes music is a language that connects and strengthens all beings.

She is honored to offer Frequency Coaching at the Herb Shop with AO Scan technology. Melody uses this incredible technology to collect frequency data, educate clients on their energetic patterns, and empower them to make life-altering decisions. AO Scan not only provides an owner’s manual for your body, but also uses bioresonance and sympathetic vibratory physics to balance, clear, and transmute toxic energies in your body and biofield.

In addition to tuning your body and biofield toward homeostasis, all clients receive extensive data reporting, custom audio tracks for home use, and integration coaching.

Initial consultation: 50 minutes for $111

Follow-ups: Clients may choose either 50 minutes for $111 or 30 minutes for $55

To find out more details about this scan, you can go to their website which is:

Just call the Shop to set your appt. 770-704-9950

Melody is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10am through 3pm

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