Reiki Circle

Lesha welcomes you, to come and join the circle for a relaxing evening, to sample and experience what Reiki energy is like. If you are already a Reiki I or II practitioner, you are also welcome to come and practice your skills. Lesha will be available to answer questions as they arise.

Cost: minimum donation of $11 and/or encouraged to donate whatever resonates best with you.

“Sending you love and light!”

Lesha Martin is a certified Reiki Master, and Reiki Grand Master Levels 5-20. She was brought to the light of energy, through previous life experiences and the desire to help others. Lesha is compassionate and has a deep connection to people, animals, and the earth.

Sessions are available at the Herb Shop and distance sessions are available, for animals (dogs, cats, horses, and more).


1 hour: $70
1/2 hour $50

Just call the Shop to set your appt. with Lesha, 770-704-9950

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