Brenda Staab

As Dream Catcher, I use my gifts and skills to recognize the dreams that support and sustain you. I see the ones that light you up and bring Life Purpose and Lessons, answers and resolutions. Then dispel the nightmares that have plagued you.

Through many lifetimes I have been the Seer, the Soothsayer and the Oracle. I have now a full lifetime of being the same…. In this lifetime I am “Dream Catcher”.

Through my life of personal experiences, years of ongoing study, metaphysical practice and teaching that I am ready to bring to you the dreams you seek, answers to your questions, experiences for you to practice and learn from.

Credentials and Studies:

  • Seeing Clients, Teaching and Mentoring since 2004
  • Tarot, Energy, Metaphysics 2003
  • Mind Mastery Certification 2004
  • Numerology Certification 2006
  • Astrology Certification 2007
  • Psychic Dev, Channeling, Mediumship Certification 2009
  • Living in the Light, channeling, Mediumship: Channeled Series 2013-17
  • Mediumship Certification 2017
  • Dream Catcher Trance-Medium 2019
  • 5th Dimensional Healing Practitioner 2021

Sessions available with Brenda include:

  • Readings
  • Consultations
  • Mentoring and Healing
  • 5th Dimensional Healing,(“Using the natural abilities within the 5th dimensional being to remove blocks and to heal itself”)
  • Bringing information and healing from Guides, Angels & Loved ones crossed over
  • Guidance with realizing Life Purpose and Life Lessons
  • Life Path future-oriented readings for love, health, career and family
  • Attachment removals allowing healing on all levels: physical, mental and emotional

“This is but the tip of what I am available to do for you. It is my honor to connect with you and my delight to bring forward this part of your Spiritual Being having a Human experience”

– Brenda

Cost: $87 for the hour session

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