Nutritional Response Testing

With nature studies and natural means of healing, you just never know it all, do we?
It’s humbling and thrilling as we learn the unfolding process of the body’s intelligence!

nutritional-testingThe Nutritional Response Testing method used in our facility tests with homeopathic vials for bacteria, fungus, virus, metals, chemicals and food sensitivities that may be present in the body system. Through this system of strength or weakness of the arm/hand, various whole food, organic, nutritional supplements and herbal remedies are used to flush out, feed and rebuild the body’s organs and glands.
Our focus is firmly in real healing and getting to the cause of a challenge or dis-ease. We know that there is a place for all healing modalities, whether it be allopathic or complementary medicine. In many cases, it can take the combination of both forms of medicine to reach a persons’ highest health potential.
However, we try to aim at the most natural, least invasive forms of eliminating the blocks to ultimate well-being. In most cases, first providing the body with all the basic nutrition, appropriate exercise, plenty of deep relaxation and as needed, adding herbal remedies, seems to be a key to ongoing health.

Sally Parson ND, Owner of the Herb Shop * Healing Center, offers a body scan test called Nutritional Response Testing, developed by Dr.Ulan.

We offer a thorough visit that takes about 1 hour.
Call 770-704-9950 to make an appointment:
Tuesday 10am – 3pm
Wednesday and Friday 10am – 6pm
Cost: $44

Yes, you read correctly, $44. Not $100s.

This is in honor of the first female MD graduate of Emory University, who only charged a minimal fee her entire professional life for an office visit. Dr. Denmark saw patients into her 90’s and still only charged a small fee. She was an amazing doctor and mentor for Health Care Professionals both during her lifetime and after.

We at the Herb Shop * Healing Center are constantly striving to provide as many of the truly complementary healing modalities as possible. We are blessed to have some of the top notch practitioners in their fields in the Atlanta metro area to come and provide their services at our Shop. As you visit through our website and read about each practitioner, please feel free to call us to ask any further questions about the person or service they provide, and if you so choose you can set up an appointment for a session with them.

For any further information, or to schedule an appointment, please call our store at 770-704-9950.

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