Reiki Energy Sessions and Attunement Levels I, II, III/Mastership

What is it?

Reiki (pronounced Ray’Kee) is the practice of the ancient, traditional Japanese art of deep healing and relaxation.
It is based on the knowledge that all living things have a life force energy. Reiki is a Japanese word that comes from two words – ‘Rei’ and ‘ki’.
The word ‘Rei’ means universal spirit, Higher Power or God. The word ‘ki’ refers to the life energy that flows through all living things. Therefore, Reiki means life energy that is guided by God.


Who Can Learn It?

Reiki is available to everyone and anyone can learn Reiki. The ability to use Reiki is passed on during an “attunement” given by a Reiki master that allows the student to tap into an unlimited supply of “life force energy” to improve one’s health and enhance the quality of life.

What are the health benefits of Reiki?

It brings deep relaxation to the physical body, helps quiet the mind, and lowers the blood pressure. All this enables the physical body to do its job of functioning properly.
Reiki energy revitalizes, re-energizes, and boosts the immune system creating a sense of well-being. While the body gets deeply relaxed, enabling it to repair and heal, the mind and spirit receives the same benefits.
Reiki accelerates the body’s natural healing process resulting in shorter recovery from injuries and surgery, and creates a healthier whole which has fewer injuries and requires less medical attention.

It brings much needed peace and quiet to all the chatter of the mind, allowing for true, deep relaxation and leaves you with a sense of clarity and calm. Reiki benefits everyone that experiences it. It is valid for use on anyone, no matter how young, old or frail.
Reiki complements all forms of healing. It supports traditional medicine and is never intended to replace it.

Patricia Johnson and Helen Marshall are Certified Reiki Masters/Teachers who are qualified to give all levels of Reiki I, II and III/Mastership attunements.

All to assist you in creating the health, life and positive attitude you desire.

Scheduled Regularly
(A detailed class manual is included. You will also receive a certificate for the Reiki Attunement received, at the completion of class.)

Call 770.704.9950 to schedule an appointment:

  • Level I – $125
  • Level II – $175
  • Leve III – $275

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