Paige Sims

Paige Sims is a classically trained clarinet player and is still actively involved in the community as a member of a few wind bands within the Atlanta metro area. As a lifelong musician, she experienced the benefits of sound as a source of therapy and how it affects the mind, heart, and spirit. In 2018, she began her journey to understand just exactly how and why music and sounds impact us on a deeper level. She continues to research, study, and practice the benefits of sound healing by making it a priority to master the modality and all the benefits to ensure clients get the most out of their experience.


Sound Therapy Certification- Centre of Excellence
Sound Therapy Certification- Otto Schworz
Sound Healing 1 & 2 Certification- Sound of Medicine Institute
Sound Therapy Sound Healing Practitioner- Virtued Academy International
Sound Therapy Sound Healing Practitioner- Soul Remember Academy
To name just a few…..

Private Sound Healing Sessions: 1hour $70

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