Shamanic Healing

Kadi is a Shamanic Healer and a Channel who has off her services within many communities over the last 13 years. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, specializing in tracking energy between perople, their higher selves, and any person or situation that may be creating tension or blockages within one’s life,

She is passionate about assisting anyone who is ready to reclaim and transform their story out of trauma and into empowerment.

Working in harmony with the wisdom of the ancient ones, ascended beings, and otherwordly energies, she is prepared to access information on your behalf from the many other worlds of conciousness to provide you with clarity and guidance.

Her highest hope is that the time you share togerher will ultimately assist you highest growth out of old patterns and into vibrant wellness!

Shamanic Healing encompasses many deeper types of healing work that are designed to uplift the spirit, reintegrate unhealed or traumatized soul pieces, and clear any entities or cpirits that may have become attached to the body or luminous energy field.

When emotions or mental patterns become stuck within our energetic field, they begin to manifest as physical imbalance and distress within the body.

Kady is skilled at tracking the root cause of physical, emotional, or spiritual distress through the application of energetic techniques which will balance the many layers of the body, mind, and soul.

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