Irene Edreich

irene edreichShe is phenomenal in her Psychic and Astrological gifts. Irene’s career as an
Astrologer spans more than 30 years.

Born and raised in New York, most of her original Astrological studies were from that area. Her  psychic gifts were handed down and nurtured by her mother who was also gifted. In her early twenties, she became a Spiritualist and worked as a Missionary for the transmedium Reverend Harriet Smiley while continuing her intensive studies in Astrology. Irene was directed in her path by her Mentor, Eugene Moore, and became a teacher for the Moore School of Astrology. She also studied with Al Morrison, Charles Jayne and Maria Crummere in New York. In the 70’s, she founded the organization Astrological Insight to Man (AIM).
Her metaphysical background and studies also includes certification in the Ancient Wisdom with Dr. Douglas Baker, she is a Chaney.
5th Degree Astarian taught by Earlyne and Robert Chaney; also holds the Certification of the Advanced Anastasi System of Psychic Development.

She offers a positive approach, channels her readings from her Guides and Teachers, and encourages her clients to embrace their life’s gifts and Spiritual journey.

If you would like an Astrological/Psychic Reading, please call into the Shop your Date of birth, full name, Place of birth, Time of birth.

Her cost is $150 for the hour  

What you gain from her readings is so completely accurate and priceless in how you’ll be able to apply the information to your life!

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