Kady Morgan

Kady Morgan is a Shamanic Healer who has offered her services within many communities over the last 13 years. She’s a healer, teacher, herbalist, and ceremonialist who has spent decades studying mythology and spiritual practices from around the world.
Kady feels that each of us is an embodiment of the archetypal Hero within our life’s story. She specializes in assisting anyone who is ready to reclaim and transform their story from trauma into empowerment.

Working in harmony with the wisdom of the ancient ones, ascended beings, and otherworldly energies, she is prepared to access information on your behalf from the many other worlds of consciousness to provide you with clarity and guidance. Her highest hope is that the time you share together will ultimately assist your highest growth out of old patterns and into vibrant wellness!


Shamanic healing encompasses many deeper types of healing work that are designed to uplift the spirit, reintegrate unhealed or traumatized soul pieces, and clear any entities or spirits that may have become attached to the body or luminous energy field.

When emotions or mental patterns become stuck within our energetic field, they begin to manifest as physical imbalance and distress within the body. Kady is skilled at tracking the root cause of physical, emotional, or spiritual distress through the application of energetic techniques which will balance the many layers of the body, mind, and soul.

Kady is available in the Shop by appointment on Friday and Saturday for:

  • Shamanic Healing
  • Energetic Clearing
  • Soul Retrievals
  • Imprint & Entity Removal
  • DNA Clearing
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Personal Shamanic Journeys
  • Channeled Guidance

Gift Certificates available

Give the gift of healing and harmony to friends, family, or your community!

You will receive a personalized electronic gift certificate to send to your loved ones upon receipt of purchase. 

30 Minute Session: $75

45 Minute Session: $100

60 Minute Session: $125

75 Minute Session: $150

90 Minute Session: $175

Beautiful Soul,
as spring moves towards its inevitable rebirthing we are reminded to move softly. The long, dark winter always makes us anxious to spring forward with vigor, excitedly leaping into our new projects and out of the stillness. Remember that just like the seasons everything moves at its own pace, with purpose and grace. 

Gently the birds begin to sing again, calling to one another seeking their mates. Slowly the trees begin to sow their tiny saplings and the seedlings planted before the frost are now beginning to unfurl and reach towards the sun. So too, we are being called to move with the same gentleness. Remember that strong roots support a plant better than the quickest blossoms. Let spring unfurl your heart and your purpose with the same care.

In honoring my own cycles and rhythms, I have raised my prices for the first time in eight years.

In trying to remain accessible to the many community members I serve who may not always have financial access to the depth of empowerment shamanic healing provides, I have not been able to keep up with my own experience of inflation and the rampant capitalism that we are all longing to release. These new prices are a stepping stone to bridge the 13 years of experience I have working within many communities and the 6+ years of training that I have undergone to support you in these sacred offerings.

My hope is that by better honoring my own personal needs and worth within the rarity of my work, I can also better support my community at large. 

I am passionate about continuing my advocacy work in serving underprivileged individuals and communities however, so I am excited to announce that I am creating a ‘Community Clinic’! This will allow those who may not have immediate financial access to this work, but need the healing and empowerment that it provides, to pay a low-cost, sliding scale rate. This will be offered at the Herb Shop in Holly Springs and more information will be coming shortly! 

May the spring within you begin to awaken in hopes that your dreams and the seeds you have planted will take root with vigor and vitality! 

As always, I am here to support you in the unfurling of your truth and potential, 

Kady Morgan 

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