Your life is a reflection of your beliefs!

Are you ready to change self-limiting beliefs to self-enhancing beliefs and access your full potential in meeting life’s challenges?

These ‘beliefs’ are usually subconscious (and the result of lifelong ‘programming’) and are strongly influencing your current actions and behavior. They can be affecting any area of your life: self-esteem, health and body issues, financial abundance, relationships, spirituality, career, etc.

Some examples of self-limiting beliefs would be: “My opinion doesn’t matter”; “I’m not good enough”; “Success isn’t meant for me”, etc.

The most effective way to change a behavior is to change the subconscious belief that supports it! Change subconscious beliefs, simply and easily, allowing you to: develop relationships you desire and deserve; increase your sense of well-being; enhance career opportunities, experience abundance in every area of your life, reduce stress and anxiety, etc.

PSYCH-K® is a simple and direct way to communicate directly with your subconscious mind and transform beliefs that ‘limit’ you into beliefs that ‘support’ you, in any area of your life, reducing unwanted stress and helping you to access your ‘full response potential’ in meeting life’s challenges.

Patricia Offers appointment sessions – call to schedule an appointment (in-person or remote)

$98/session/allow 60 minutes – modality/modalities that best address client issue.

(Emotion Code, Body Code, PSYCH-K®, F.I.X. Code)

The F.I.X. Code – $60 / half hour session or package of 4/$220

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