Brittany Hall


Brittany Hall

Brittany holds a 200 hour Teacher Training from Dorje Yoga School, with Jessie and Shawn Fletcher; 100 hour Level I and a 100 hour Level II Teacher Training from Universal Yoga with Andre Lappa and Mara Healey. She has taught at Ember Hot Yoga in Woodstock, Ga, Just Yoga in Sandy Springs and has taught multiple Yoga Workshops.


Brittany wishes to share with her students the benefits of the sacred science of Yoga. She focuses on balancing not only the body in asana (forms), but methodically turn directions to balance the energetic body as well. Health comes through balance. Yoga is truly a direct path to optimal, long term health that can last our lifetime.


Come join a beautifully orchestrated Yoga Class with Brittany and FEEL the improved difference in your life!


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