Body Work

which includes:

2nd level Reiki Practitioner on the path to Mastery. A facilitator of change via yoga, meditation, hypnosis, ceremony, and hands on energy/body work. 
In her role as ceremonial leader she incorporates crystals, oils, sacred sound bath, incense, mantra, breath work and other various modalities to assist in healing, cleansing and re-balancing/grounding all energy and body systems for peak performance and functionality. 
All sessions leave clients with tangible tools to maintain the higher level of functioning and consciousness achieved during her healing sessions.

1 hour Reiki: $75
1 hour Reiki and Body Work: $100
1 hour Reiki & Hypnotherapy: $100
2 hour Ceremonial Healing Journey: Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Crystal Grids,
Sound, and Breath Work: $180

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