Permaculture for Boundaries

In this support group, participants will be designing a more harmonious way to show up in their relationships. Reya will be facilitating a heart space to share and explore different ways to set boundaries, so you can feel empowered to honor your needs. Permaculture is about redesigning systems so they work in harmony with nature. You will observe the different zones in permaculture to see how nature harmonizes within an eco-system.

During her training with the Center of Nonviolent Communication, Reya realized how important it is to redesign the way humanity communicates with one another. She will offer practices to help you better understand the root cause of your emotions so you can communicate your needs and boundaries in a firm, yet compassionate way.

*This will be a Spring Series of four classes every other Wednesday starting April 14th to May 26th. Each class will build upon the previous one. Please bring a friend or three, note taking material if it helps you learn, and an open heart and mind.

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