Awakening Your Gifts

September 23, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Awakening Your Gifts

Awakening Your Gifts

7 Class Series with Kate Swartz

Have you been wondering what magic you may be running through your veins? Have you been more aware of your senses lately? Has your intuition been hitting the nail on the head?

You, dear friend, are awakening to your magical gifts!

Many people have been since 2021, and it can be frightening and exciting and bewildering all at once! I’ll be your guide on this journey of awakening, and teach you what helped me as I awakened to my psychic gifts years ago!

In this class series we’ll strengthen our self worth, gain courage to trust spiritual messages, and learn many magical tools to enhance our gifts, such as body testing, pendulum, Tarot, crystals, herbs, and manifestation spell jars.

Each class is 55$.

Or all 7 for 365$ (which includes

One personal zoom class if you missed one at the Shop)

Class One: Intro to Your Magic

Sat. 9/23, 10am-12pm

In this first class we’ll learn grounding, protection, body testing, and recording while deconstructing the social teachings that discourages us from listening to our Divine Gifts and taking them seriously. 


Class Two: Ritual and Meditation 

Sat. 9/30, 10am-12pm

crystals, herbs, and intro to Tarot: Major Arcana


Class Three: Spirit Guides, & a Whisper of Mediumship

Sat. 10/7, 10am-12pm

crystals, herbs and Major Arcana


Class Four: Manifestation, Prayer & Spellwork 

Sat. 10/14, 10am-12pm

cleansing, kitchen and bath spells

Crystals, Herbs and Major Arcana


Class Five: Energy Meditation Hike

Jar Spells & Pendulum

Sat. 10/21, 10am-12pm

Crystals, Herbs and Major Arcana


Class Six: Transformation of Self, empowerment, A taste of Reiki

Sat. 10/28, 10am-12

Crystals, Herbs and Major Arcana


Class Seven: Boundaries and Forgiveness. A touch of Reflexology

Sat. 11/4, 10am-12

Crystals, Herbs and The Minor Arcana!


Eighth Gathering: Practice Party

Sat. 11/11 10am-12

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