Beginning Meditation Workshop

December 30, 2023 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Herb Shop Healing Center
161 Jackson St
Canton, GA 30115
Herb Shop * Healing Center


Sat. Dec. 30th 11am-12noon with Michael Wakefield

This workshop is a fun and light hearted way to discover the benefits of meditation and to learn the tools to build a regular meditation practice if you choose. We’ll talk about how to overcome common barriers to meditation including finding a time and place. But most of all we’ll have fun finding how to make our meditation practice personal and engaging. Please bring a small object of personal significance (something like a crystal or seashell) to be used in a short closing meditation.

About Michael:

Yoga found Mike in 2016. Soon after he quickly discovered meditation and breathwork. In 2023 Mike decided to dedicate himself to guiding others in these healing arts. His yoga is beginner friendly yet challenging. His meditations are accessible to anyone with just a minute or two of time each day. His work as a breathwork guide continues to transform lives. Mike is honored and humbled by each student’s gift of time and energy in each and every offering.

Food for thought:

Time – If you have 3 minutes you have time to meditate.

Location – Meditation can be practiced anywhere, while seated, laying down, standing, even while walking. We’ll talk more about non traditional meditation opportunities later in the workshop.

Consistency – I believe in the benefits of a daily meditation practice. However life does get in the way sometimes. Give yourself grace and forgiveness if you miss a day. It’s not end of the world or the end of your practice.

Blank mind – Never gonna happen my friends. The mind is always working and thinking and competing for your attention. The idea of meditation is to learn how to handle those thoughts.

“If the thought is important it will still be there when you’re finished.”

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