Sound Bath with Paige

Saturday, April 13th from 11am to 12pm

Sound Baths are a full-body meditative experience where you become bathed in sound waves. This therapeutic modality uses sound vibrations to promote healing of our emotional and spiritual well-being. Using various instruments such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, and other therapeutic instruments, the different vibrations and frequencies resonate with our energy centers to release and open blockages and rejuvenate and re-center our natural vibrational energy down to the cellular level.

Sound healing has been practiced for thousands of years amongst cultures across the globe. Today, a deeper understanding of these complementary therapy practices is growing and being woven into modern healthcare and wellness practices.  

Things to bring to ensure you get the most out of your sound bath:

  • Yoga mat (a few are available, but it is encouraged to bring your own if possible)
  • Small blanket
  • Small pillow or yoga block to rest your head
  • Wear loose or comfortable clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Optional: weighted eye mask

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