Ceremonial Shamanic Journey


Work In Rhythm With Our Moon’s Phases. Set Intentions And Manifest Your Dreams!

* Shamanic Drumming *
* Crystal Grids *
* Community Love *
* Ceremonial Healing *
* Releasing The Old *
* Invoking The New *

A shamanic journey, a technique involving steady, rhythmic drumming, allows us to access our intuition as it syncs the heart with the brain, balancing both hemispheres and dropping one into an altered state of consciousness. Within this sacred place we can gain personal clarity and guidance for what we are choosing to release or create within our lives.

A guided meditation with crystal singing bowls will assist us in activating the crystal grid in the center of the room which is holding personal and community intentions during our ceremony.

This sacred grid is connected to the Ley lines that cross our Earth. Each ceremony has a different energetic focus and we will celebrate these changes with a different crystal combination to suit these waves.

A community share offers us support as we navigate the transformational energies personally and collectively. It is our intention to create a SAFE, nurturing space for our community. We are inclusive of ALL races, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

We believe that a tribe loves all walks of life and holds each and every member sacred within their own right. We honor you for YOU. Come sit in a ceremony with us and enjoy the blessings that come from living in balance with the moon!

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