Tarot Class with Kate

Saturday 4/6 and 4//20 @ 1-2.30pm

It’s transformation time! This class offers thoughtful guidance, and practice in building your intuitive gifts through Tarot, and other tools!

In this class we will:

  • explore Tarot, and Oracle decks, history, symbolism, and how spirit communicates through intuition.
  • practice various layouts with one another, and find out own way that speaks best to us, as guide people on their journey through Tarot.
  • deconstruct the idea that we need to unquestioned experts in the use of our tools in order to take ourselves seriously, or help anyone else.
  • and overcome the cultural hinderances that have caused us as a society to discount the use of our spiritual gifts and intuition.
  • and learn ways in which we can develop a greater awareness of the messages you are receiving, and how to interpret them.

Cost $35

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